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Hi-Performance Control Solutions for your Harley V2
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Phone #: 1-954-848-1525

    * Inverted Direct Replacement FL, Dyna, Sportster, & Softail Front Ends w/Calipers.
    * Duel Caliper Dyna/Sportster Caliper Conversions
    * Direct Replacement FL Carbon Fiber Wheels.
    * Motorcycle Metal/Penske, JRI, & Ohlins Shock Absorbers
    * Metal Matrix Composite (Ceramic) and Stainless Steel,  Lightweight Rotors.
    * H.I.D. Headlight Conversion  Packages  (Super Small) & install anywhere.
    * 1980-2001 rear swingarm upgrade.
    * Starters, Accessories,  and Necessities.

I answer my phone 24/7.
I cannot sleep until You have my Super Bike inverted front end installed on your bagger and for real shocks on the rear.  We stop the dangerous slop you experience in corners & on uneven pavement.  The ride is so smooth, you will be spoiled.  If you own a bike to look at or impress the public by profiling, move on.  My products are made to be ridden with no attitude except pure pleasure.  Posers need not apply.

*I manufacturer direct bolt up inverted front ends for all late model (Around the 60’s ~ current) FL’s. You do not need to have a poor handling motorcycle. I can improve the control dramatically to where you would not know it was the same brand of bike.  This suspension is not a performance Look-A-Like but a real Superbike quality front fork solution.  Each front end is individually tailored for Your bikes weight, Your weight, and Your riding style.  No, there is no other suspension solution available with this ride or road handling quality for the FL’s that I know about.

* We have the worlds only 16″ X 3.75″ carbon fiber wheels that are direct bolt-up to a late model FL with 2.22″ bearing flange.  The Weight Rating Is 770 Lbs, each wheel.  340 Lbs. more than any other front C/F wheel in the world!

*We make the next 2 generations foward shocks for FL.  You will not see this quality of shock anywhere on the planet for FL’s Shock quality is determined by how much you wish to spend.

All of my products are made with the highest quality materials and inspected at each manufacturing process.  I strive to excel in  performance/function and leave the cheep look-a-like type non-performance parts to the others.  You must ask yourself; “How many bikes on the track use my type of a solution as advertised here? Than think about those so-called “Hi-Performance” products that are market hyped with glossy photos for “improved” performance or words like “legendary”.  How many racers use these other solutions”?  I guess the owner of that no-expense spared race bike just does not want to win by using those other solutions?  We are at the track every weekend when in motorcycle racing season.  This is What We Do!
The bike below has the identical front FL front fork solution.
The ride is fully adjustable on the fly from absolutely plush to the carve up the road and own it.

Front Side 11-14-10
Rear FXR 11-14-10
11-14-10 Right FXR
11-14-10 Left Side Red FXR

Reworked and been traveling 11-14-10

Ohlins 30 mm Cartridges inside of a Super Bike Forks, Radial Calipers, 3320 mm/13″ Rotors, Carbon Fiber Wheels
FXR Front Carbon Fiber Wheel

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