Upgrading 86~01 Touring/FXR Rear Swing Arm

This is a typical broken swing arm.  I had 50K miles on mine.

The 1986-2001 rear fork (swingarm) had some major flaws. In 2002 Harley upgraded the swingarm by making a new swingarm that is more ridged and stronger. Here are some of the differences:1.         The swingarm had been strengthened in the areas shown above in 2002. The 2007 has undergone another change not covered here.
2.         Bearings were substituted in the swingarm instead of the Cleve blocks.  Cleve Blocks which are nothing but rubber bushings prone to not stay ridged during side loading of the rear fork due to lateral forces during turning.  This is why your bike feels “twitchy” and unstable during cornering.
3.         In 2002 a ¾” pivot bolt was substituted for the 5/8” pivot bolt.
4.         A 1” axle/bearing was substituted for the ¾” axle/bearing setup.
5.         In 2008 Harley once again changed the axles & wheel bearings to 25mm (about 16 thousands under 1″)

How can I upgrade cheaply for improved handling?

1.         Go on e-Bay, a local Trike manufacturer who converts Harleys & get either a 2002-2006 or better still a 2007 FL swingarm take-off. This way you start off with a new, undamaged item. Get the 1” axle with the unit. These Trike people are happy to get rid of the take-off stuff.
2.         If so inclined, get the set of wheels/tires, and wheel bearings or just the rear as you will need it.
3.         The 2002 & up rear axle is not interchangeable with the ¾” axle used in earlier models. A 1” wheel bearing can not be put in a 2001 or earlier wheel as you can get bearings to fit but a wheel spacer must be used between the bearings and the 2001 & earlier model wheel will accommodate this spacer.
4.         A 1” bearing has 60% more surface area than a ¾” bearing.
5.         Remove all the bearings and rubber stuff inside of the 2002 & up swingarm and replace it with my Delran® bushings/pivot shaft conversion kit.
6.         You can not use the stock Harley bushings/bearings from a 2002 and convert it to a 2001 or below FL as the pivot shaft is ¾” in the 2002 & above and the pivot shaft in a 2001 & below is 5/8”. This pivot shaft goes into the rear of the transmission and between the swingarm.
7.         Never-Never “drill as in hand drill” out the transmission to accept a ¾” pivot shaft.  The bit will “wander” and the hole should be machined via a boring bar and than reamed.   The transmission being hand drilled has been known to fail under power.

This Buy-It-Now is intended only for people in the Lower 48, USA.

 for these conversion swing arm bushings: Price$229.00 + ($10.00TOTAL PRICE$239.00 includes shipped via 2 day Priority Mail only!  Other applications, please call me toll free.

What You Get (not including instructions) *note this is 2 views of the same set of bushings.  You receive 4 pieces only!

There have been many people who swear that their bike never is unstable in the corners. Here is Harley’s new US Patent as of April 10, 2007.