Un-Sprung Weight

Benefits of Lower

*Lower un-sprung mass
* Lower rotational inertia resulting in quick and responsive steering – less driver fatigue
* High strength to weight ratio
* Longer product life – carbon fiber is a fatigue-free material
* Carbon fiber composite is a damage tolerant material
* Carbon fiber is corrosion-free
* Attractive woven finish gives the wheels a killer look.

Our wheels are up to 30% lighter than most of today’s advanced racing wheels, and even more significantly lighter than the standard production wheels. Since the weight saving comes from the spokes and the rim, the mass of the wheel is concentrated in the hub to the benefit of rotational inertia.

Because our wheels offer a substantial reduction in flywheel and gyroscopic effects, the motorcycle can accelerate, corner and brake faster. In particular, the reduced gyroscopic effect allows for faster directional changes, which makes the motorcycle far more sensitive to the riders demands.

* 5-spoke design
* Aerospace FAR25 qualified materials
* Manufacturing facility is ISO 9002 certified by the German TUV
* Complete traceability in manufacturing process and materials used including the hubs
* Manufacturing process allows for full identification and traceability (based on the process used for critical parts in the aerospace industry)
* All wheels leaving the factory will be bar coded for easy identification and full traceability
* Nesting and cutting machines are the same as those used in the aerospace industry – each wheel pattern is cut and the part is numbered simultaneously guaranteeing correctness and uniformity
* Wheels passed all tests for road certification carried out by Rim Technology (UK government certified facility)
* Corner fatigue carried out as specified in BS. AU. 50.
* Radial fatigue carried out as specified in BS. AU. 50.
* Torsional fatigue carried out as specified in BS. AU. 50.
* Impact test carried out as specified in JWL