Touring Family

Touring Family

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Carbon Fiber Wheels

  1. C/F FAQ’s
  2. Effects Of Inertia
  3. Benefits: Lower Un-Sprung Weight
  4. About: Ordering and Control
  5. 16″ FL Curb Crush Test Rated =< 780 Lbs.

Bearings & Wheel Parts

  • Purchase On-Line  Wheel Bearings
  1. Axle Bushing Spacers
  2. All Wheel Illustrations
  3. Metzler Courtesy 2008 Tire Guide PDF Download


  1. Touring Family Rotors & Calipers Link
  2. Metal Matrix Composite Explained LINK

Brake Pad

  • Purchase On-Line Brake Pads

Front End Suspension
Inverted Forks

  1. Lug (Traditional Side Mount Caliper) Mount LINK
  2. Radial Calipers
  3. Ohlins Options LINK
  4. Inverted Forks Photo Gallery *Press Start*
  5. Inverted Fork Order Form  PDF Download
  6. Rake & Trail, Our Solution on your Bagger (FL Series)
  7. Download Your Own Rake & Trail Calculator

Part 1 & 2 Harley Davidson 1948~Present HydroGlide Complete Fork Rebuild including:
BONUS* Modifications Needed for the Ohlins 30 mm Cartridge Install Conversion.

Conventional Harley Stock Fork Options

  1. Ohlins 30 mm Cartridge System Coming Soon!

Starter Motors & Accessories

Rear Suspension

  1. FL 1980 Thru 2001 Rear Fork Upgrade
  2. Installation of Swingarm PDF Download
  3. Converting 2000~2001 Rear Hub to a
    2002 & Later 1″ axle: Don’t Do It! PDF Download
  4. Patent Harley’s 3rd link PDF Download