Cut Fork Tubes
Seat Pipe compairson
Fork Fixture in CNC
Fork Fixture
XR1200 2009 Stock Fork
Finished for measurement
Full Stroke
Full Compression 2
XR1200 C/F wheel
1997 Bagger with Ohlins #3~#3 shock
1997 Bagger with #3~#3 shock 500X375
Brembo 2 pin & 320 mm rotors
fork measurement
Carbon Fiber Swingarm
13 lb al swing arm
Brembo Monoblock 320 mm MMC rotors
metal in fork oil
measurement 2009  FL 8 3/4"
Swing Arm hit location
Loop Road trip
30mm Ohlins in FatBob Forks
FXR W/13" MMC Rotors & Brembo monoblocks
Bob measuring V-Rod wheel hub
FXR Headlamp & Passing Lamps top View
FXR Lights fromnt Top View
FXR Lamps Front View
12-07-10 Sportster w/turbo
Inside View 49mm Slider Before
Drill Damper
Emulator Pre-Load Spacer
Clean inside fork tube
XR1200 30 mm Ohlins compairson
end caps 30 mm Ohlins
2008 FL Fork
sweep valve
FLHX No. 6 Shock
FLHX bag open No. 6 Ohlins
Twin Disk Softail
Tim's Side Shot
Tim's top triple tree
2014 2014 FLRC Measurements
2014 FLHX Top of fendr to bottom of fairing
2014 FLT Triple tree
2014 FLHX Top of fender to bottom of fairing
Tim Compression Settings
Tim Rebound Settings
Mikko Left Full
Mikko 30º
Mikko 320º
Mikko 240º
XR1200 Forks & Discriptions
XR1200X Diagram
Norms Pan Head
Bolt Shock Mount 54627-00
8.20.13 Dyna
Dyno Sheet JRI
Mike 1967 FL
10.5.13 Top FLT Triple tree
FLT Fork
Sign Daytona 10.13
Side View Featherlite
inside view
Daytona 10.13
V Nose work bench
Rear with curtain enclosure
Motorcycle under trailer chain security lock bar