Ohlins Order Form

Please fill out the information below so we may be able to build and serve you better. The information below is critical to your build & guessing is not an option.

You can place an order by simply call us at 1-954-848-1525. Ordering & confirming your shocks takes about 5 minutes, during which we will ask the same number of simple questions designed to ensure we get you what you want.

70% single 30% 2 up30% single 70% 2 up



Because Motorcycle Metal/Öhlins Shocks not in stock and are specially made to your specifications, they are put into production when you order them. Payment in full is required at the time shock(s) are ordered. Shock orders are not cancelable once production has begun. However, Motorcycle Metal/Öhlins Shocks may be returned after receipt if they are defective or otherwise not as ordered.

By Submitting this order I acknowledge that I have read and understood the PDF file Shock Pre-Purchase Considerations for length. I understand and agree that by signing this order I acknowledge if I should need a custom spring or custom valving suited to my individual riding requirements other than what was custom built for me originally, I will just be responsible for the shipping to and from motorcyclemetal.com or elsewhere that has been predetermined.


We are here to be of service, and are available to assist in anyway we can. Please feel free to call us 1-954-848-1525 (-5 hours GMT/EST) so we can be of service.
Howard G. Messner President