Lug Mount Calipers Inverted Fork

Pricing starts at $1,900.00 (for standard 28 1/2″ fork tubes)

Lug (Traditional Side) Mount, not including 6-Piston differential bore

  • Do not be confused, these front forks are the same type construction & design found
    on Superbikes, but now refined by Motorcycle Meta.  This technology is what is winning today not in the 1980’s.  We take the same lessons learned at the track and apply it to a 865 pound bike and make it handle and ride smoother than any other bike on the road that I know of.  You will loose the bone jarring ride inherent of the dresser family. Do not know your dresser gives you a poor ride?  See this technology at work.
  • We have to build every fork for you; there is no generic fork in stock.
  • Base Length is Length is 28 ½” from top of triple tree to axle center
    (stock FL length)
  • Direct Bolt on for a Batwing late model FL
  • Will not fit a late model Road Glide without fairing mount modification.
  • Road King Nacelle’s will not fit and there is no way to make it fit.  The solution is a headlight bucket bottom mounted to the triple tree.  5 3/4″ or 7″.
  • We offer a truly unique product, only offered @ Motorcycle Metal or our authorized partners.

For 36.9 pounds you receive:

  • 25 mm Cartridge type
  • Fork Stanchion Tube Diameter: 43 mm
  • Fork Adjustments: Rebound Damping 14 Positions (clicks)
  • Compression Damping 13 Positions (clicks)
  • Spring Pre-load 15 mm Range
  • Front Wheel Travel: 4.7 inches (120 mm)
  • Length is 28 ½” from top of triple tree to axle center
    (stock FL length)
  • Other length forks options are available at additional cost, call for price quote
  • Extended Fork Stanchion tubes are available up to 6″
    over (up to 34 ½”)


* Unpolished top & bottom triple trees. Stock FL riser mounting holes for rubber mounting, blind stem mounting for looks, 
& room for 12 pin Deutsch DTM ™connectors & wiring to pass thru the top mounting triple tree for all your wiring needs.
* Hollow alloy stem & axle with polished Stainless Steel fixed wheel spacing.
* Anodized gold inverted forks custom tuned & valved for: your rider weight, weight of your motorcycle, along with your
riding style (extra rider weight, & your accessories you may carry with you.
* (wheel, calipers, and rotors are not included)
* Weight of front end is 36.9 pounds with optional calipers.
* This unit is not stock type unit nor offered in any catalog, but a finely tuned piece of machinery that you see at the track
on Super bikes but tuned for you weight, bike model, riders weight, and riding style. Fulley adjustable after that.