Inverted Front End

Price of complete unit as described for 28 ½” inverted front end:

$1,900.00 for the 28 ½” length. Other lengths available at an additional cost.
* Including 6-Piston side mount calipers suitable for oversized 320 mm rotors (rotors not included).
* Ask for upgraded coatings or chroming. Other accessories are available to complete your build, just ask.
* You can lessen the cost by selling your heavy, outdated front suspension (1948 Hydro Glide type)
front forks, calipers, rotors, and triple trees. If you have a Road King, the headlight nacelle will not fit our trees.
*Shipping & handling is not included.


* 25 mm Cartridge type
* Fork Stanchion Tube Diameter: 43 mm
* Fork Adjustments: Rebound Damping 14 Positions (clicks)
* Compression Damping 13 Positions (clicks)
* Spring Preload 15 mm Range
* Front Wheel Travel: 4.7 inches (120 mm)
* Length is 28 ½” from top of triple tree to axle center (stock FL length)
* Extended Fork Stanchion tubes are available up to 6” over (up to 34 ½” overall)
* Weight with my optional Carbon Fiber 17” x 3 ¾” wheel is 41 ½ pounds.
* For 36.9 pounds you receive:
o Unpolished top & bottom triple trees. Stock FL riser mounting holes for rubber mounting, blind stem mounting for looks, & room for 8 pin Deutsch DTM connectors & wiring to pass thru the top mounting triple tree for all your wiring needs.
o Hollow alloy stem & axle with polished Stainless Steel fixed wheel spacing.
o Anodized inverted forks custom tuned & valved and springs for: your rider weight, weight of your motorcycle, along with your riding style (extra rider weight, & your accessories you may carry with you).
o Brakes: A pair of 6-Piston Differential Bore, Flat Black powdercoated finish calipers. For demonstration a optional & not included carbon fiber wheel was added (weight 4.6 pounds) onto the scale in the photo above.
o Weight of front end is 36.9 pounds without carbon fiber wheel.
o This unit is not stock type unit but a finely tuned piece of machinery that you see at the track on true Superbikes.

Advantages of an Inverted Front Fork

* This front end solves the problem of a stock loose and uncontrollable front end that puts a lump in your throat when hitting those cracks at exit ramp speed off of the freeway.
* Ask for list of options available for this great unit.
* Install Motorcycle Metal’s inverted front end assembly on your FL, FXR, Dyna, Sportster, or Softail.
* Our solution utilizes your stock 2000 & up Wide Glide front wheel with sealed 1” bearing. If you do not use the recommended FL front wheel, other hubs/wheels may be used. Address centering the wheel to match the measurements of a Wide Glide Hub. Spacers must align up the wheel on the axle along with the rotor(s). Centering of the wheel & caliper is a must.
* If you have a Wide Glide wheel, it is a straight bolt up. 2 rotors & calipers are recommended for any bike.
* 320 mm front rotors should be used for extreme braking. I do not prefer using a 11 1/2″ rotor. If you do adapters must be made and the braking will degrade due to the smaller disk.
* I only make Hi-Performance parts, function over form every time!
* These inverted front ends are fully adjustable and can give a most comfortable ride, just turn the screwdriver, adjust on the fly availing the option of the handling of a sport bike minus the ground clearance.