Inverted Fork Package

What’s New at Aug. 4th 2010

Converting over to either Motorcycle Metal, Ohlins Universal R&T Inverted fully adjustable forks. or XR1200.

For Use with a Dyna, XR1200 Or Sportster Only!

8.7.15 Inverted Package #1


  • One set of FG 324 (Gold) or FG 424 (Black) 800mm Öhlins Universal Inverted Forks w/0.85Nm springs
  • 1” or 25mm axle, aluminum axle nut, and S.S. bolt & washer.
  • Billet 100mm Radial Caliper Mounts to center the calipers on a Harley Davidson MidGlide Hub
  • Triple Trees, Pocketed for strength and light weight, Mill Finish
  • Radial caliper spacers for 320mm rotors (4)
  • Pair Brembo radial 20.9970CALIPER P4 32 (L&R)
  • Pair AXIS/Cobra Stainless Series 320mm AXIS O/S Floaters w/ Blk Hard Anodized Carriers

Note: No caliper mounting bolts are included in this quote.  You can add for $16/Pair (X) 2 or $32.00

New Motorcycle Metal Triple trees for either a set of Ohlins or XR1200 forks (different size fork bore)

These forks use a standard HD riser or Integrated handlebar/riser System. 

  1. Steering stem is 0* and Steering Stem Offset is 2.6″. No need any longer to raise your shocks to 420 mm to gain the correct trail.
  2. Brake manifold with through the top of the bottom tree M/C to T Brake Line routing.
  3. Large V in top tree to allow a 12 pin Deutsch connector to pass through with all cables & brake line in place.
  4. Previsions for either bottom mount Headlight or optional brackets to install a OEM “Eyebrow” visor/top mount Headlight.
  5. Previsions for a 63 mm Ohlins Steering Damper bracket mounting (sideways) to be installed with either with or without the brake manifold.
  6. Previsions for a Hidden Fork Stop.
  7. These trees come complete with a hidden Chrome Molly Hollow Steering Stem, and all SS Fasteners to mount the trees to your neck.
  8. Pricing: $1,000.00

Stock XR1200 Triple Trees are from HD.

  • The Öhlins R&T are 800 mm/31.496” long, the same as stock.

Caliper mounting for either:

  • OEM 11.5” rotors Radial Mount 100 mm mount
  • 320 mm > 3.25 lb SS/Aluminum carrier, or CMC > 1 lb 9 oz. rotor Radial Mount 100 mm mount
ONM HD 11 1/2" Slab SS Non-Floating Rotor
Metal Matrix 320 mm pair of rotors

Stainless Steel/Aluminum Carrier 320 MM Rotor

Pricing: Stainless/Aluminum

  • Front: 320 mm/12.6″ Black Anodized Carrier/SS Friction Ring: $319.95
  • Aluminum Caliper Adapters (HD Axial Mount only) for 320 mm Rotors on a: 2000 ~ Current Dresser, Softails, Pre-2006 Dynas, V-Rods, & others/Call for fitment:$169.90
  • Aluminum Caliper Adapters (HD Axial Mount only) for 320 mm rotors on a XR1200 Standard (not X): $159.95

In all cases, the buttons and carriers can be made/come in a variety of custom colors and finishes.

* Triple Trees options are:
  * Adapters so you may use the fork package with your OEM XR1200 Triple Trees to convert to the Ohlins Universal Forks.
  * Mid Glide for use with a 5.010″ (XR1200, 2006 ~ Current dual disk, or V-Rod)
  * Wide Glide for use with a 6.32″ (Dresser) hub.

Ohlins 800 mm XR1200 & MM wideglide Triple Trees

Application for XR1200 & FXR/Dyna Family (Mid-Glide)

 XR1200 Triple Tree either OEM or our XR1200 replacement:

Front Wheel Hub XR1200: 43103-08, Sportster 43499-08 w/43355-00 hub plate, 43312-08 or Dyna Duel Disk Hub 43243-06.

Caliper Mounts

 Wide Glide Application
Hub use for either Wide Glide =< 2000 FL (Billet Triple Tree),

Of course the fully adjustable custom built inverted forks have always been available for your FL Touring Family Bagger from either Öhlins or our own.

Motorcyclemetal 800 mm fork wideglide

1 st photo (gold) is my inverted wide glide.  The black forks are a XR1200 based fork package.

Wide Glide Applications for the Dyna and Softail.  This is a direct bolt-up with using a Wide Glide standard duel flange hub and my Wide Glide Triple Trees.  Brembo 100 mm calipers and your choice of either 11 1/2″, 300 mm, or 320 mm rotors.  From exposed neck to completed project in less than 2 hours.  A set of SAE & Metric Allan wrenches and an adjustable wrench is all you need.

Left Side Ohlins/Wide Glide/Brembo
Front Side Ohlins/Wide Glide/Brembo
Right Side Ohlins/Wide Glide/Brembo
Rear Side Ohlins/Wide Glide/Brembo
Close Up C/F wheel and Brembo Calipers