FL Touring Inverted Forks

  • 17-4 PH Stainless bottom tree and 6061 T-6 Top tree
  • 3 Piece 17-4 PH steering stem welded into the bottom triple tree, not pressed.
  • There is no triple tree made anywhere to the strength of these trees.
  • Clamped top steering stem bolt and 2) 5/16″ fork tube clamp bolts each. Bottom tree fork tube is clamped with 3/8″ bolts.
  • Steering stem 3º but the fork tubes are set at 90º to the material (straight through and not at an angle)
  • Any trail can be ordered by changing the steering stem angle.  I recommend forks at 3º/29º total rake.
  • My trees are made to accept all 1986~Current Batwing, Road Glide, and Road King fairing/nacelle without any modification whatsoever.