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* Ohlins 20mm Piston kit 

Valved for your model bike & riding style: $326.78   (FOB motorcyclemetal.com Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Each kit contains two complete sets of pre-assembled compression and rebound pistons, including shims and one-way valves.  This new FPK will be a big improvement to the front fork feel and performance. For best performance we recommend using the FPK together with Öhlins front fork springs and front fork fluid.
* Fork Revalve Package, with Ohlins 20mm piston kit: Includes: Ohlins Piston kit,
installation, and Oil 
(All other parts extra i.e. springs, seals, bushings): $499.99
motorcyclemetal.com Fort Lauderdale, FL)
*Note: Rebuilding your forks at the same time as the pistons, you only pay for the extra parts needed)
* Install piston kit supplied by customer: $180.00  
motorcyclemetal.com Fort Lauderdale, FL)
* Ohlins spring conversion kit (available only through motorcyclemetal.com) Springs start at $59.85/each not including custom spring pre-load spacers and friction reducing spring seats(2 piece/fork)
* 25mm R&T drop in cartridges
* 30mm R&T drop in cartridges to 43 mm Showa forks: $1,240.00   (FOB motorcyclemetal.com Fort Lauderdale, FL)
* 30mm R&T drop in cartridges to 43 mm Showa Big Piston forks
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