30 mm Ohlins Forks 49 mm

Ohlins 30 mm Cartridge System

Upgrade your current 49 mm forks that currently has technology developed and released in 1948!  Bring your front suspension into the 21st century by installing our own “specifically designed for Harley” Ohlins 30 mm cartridge system. Separate compression or rebound/(depending on the side) with spring Pre-Load on both cartridges.

Why put only the compression on one side and rebound on the other side?
Hysteresis (memory, where the effects of the current input {or stimulus} to the system are experienced with a certain delay in time) are eliminated by separation the rebound and compression into two different fork tubes. In today’s older technology the transition between compression and rebound exhibits a time delay as the oil pressure builds on one side of the piston and drops on the other side depending on the direction of the stroke. Due to this time lag between the two sides of the piston (because of the difference of pressures) both compression and rebound are present

Separating the compression and rebound, each function now works completely without any time lag. The system is joined together at the axle making the system work as a complete unit.

Why the bigger piston and shims?
As the fork oil flows through the shim pack the lag time is decreased between deflections. The bigger diameter shim requires less force so finite tuning is possible giving a much smoother ride and the wheel staying in contact with the surface without the frame moving. More free movement equals better control and much more comfort.

This modification can be done at home with simple hand tools and a oil measuring device. No more running to have someone else do your work.

Available for:
Fat Bob, 49 mm Wide Glide, 2006 and above Mid Glide Dyna or my own dual disk conversion with or without appropriate triple trees to put on Sportsters, pre 2006 Dyna’s, or custom builds.

My 2005 Dyna using the OEM 2005 Dyna LowRider 19″ cast wheel and “Droping In” a new set of 30 mm forks with Brembo twin pin and 320 mm Metal Matrix Composite rotors

07-18-10 30 mm Right <br>side
07-18-10 Black 30 mm Cartridges
07-18-10 30 mm Brembo
Oil Level and Air Spring

Amy has finished up her movie and will show you how to rebuild all Harley telescopic forks and install/modify your forks for 30 mm cartridges.