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Touring Family

Touring Family

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    1. C/F FAQ's
    2. Effects Of Inertia
    3. Benefits: Lower Un-Sprung Weight
    4. About: Ordering and Control
    5. 16" FL Curb Crush Test Rated =< 780 Lbs.
Bearings & Wheel Parts
  • Purchase On-Line  Wheel Bearings
  1. Axle Bushing Spacers
  2. All Wheel Illustrations
  3. Metzler Courtesy 2008 Tire Guide PDF Download
  1. Touring Family Rotors & Calipers Link
  2. Metal Matrix Composite Explained LINK
Brake Pad
  • Purchase On-Line Brake Pads
How To Install Brake Pads & Caliper Maintenance
  1. Brembo 2008 ~ Current Brake Maintenance Guide PDF Download
  2. Twin Cam 2000 ~ 2007 Brake Maintenance Guide PDF Download
  3. Twin Cam Brake Caliper & Control Illustrations Guide PDF Download
Front End Suspension
Inverted Forks
  1. Lug (Traditional Side Mount Caliper) Mount LINK
  2. Radial Calipers
  3. Ohlins Options LINK
  4. Inverted Forks Photo Gallery *Press Start*
  5. Inverted Fork Order Form  PDF Download
  6. Rake & Trail, Our Solution on your Bagger (FL Series)
  7. Download Your Own Rake & Trail Calculator
Part 1 & 2 Harley Davidson 1948~Present HydroGlide Complete Fork Rebuild including:
BONUS* Modifications Needed for the Ohlins 30 mm Cartridge Install Conversion.
Conventional Harley Stock Fork Options
  1. Ohlins 30 mm Cartridge System Coming Soon!
  2. X-Factor Cartridge System
    • X-Factor order Form  PDF Download
  3. Race Tech Gold Emulators & Springs
    • Race Tech order Form  PDF Download
How To:
  • Parts List To Rebuild Your HD Conventional HydroGlide 1948~ Present PDF Download
  • R&R Your Front FL Forks & install Lowers PDF Download
  • Illustrated HD Forks PDF Download
  • Harley Davidson® Fork Tube Length PDF Download
  • Steering Shakes, What the Manual Doesn't Tell You PDF Download
  • Wheel Alignment Made Simple PDF Download
  • Brand New Products:   HID 4 1/2" Passing/Dual Auxiliary Lamps & 4 1/2" Head Lamps, Convert Your Harley to HID
  • Purchase On-Line Replace/Add Pair of 4 1/2" Headlights with Adjure/Motorcycle Metal's HID Product Solutions + Add Daytime Modulating Running Lights for Safety.  We Are the Very First to do so!
  • Purchase On-Line HID Product Solutions Utilizing Your HD® Stock Passing Lamps and Buckets
Photo Show of Actual Auxiliary (Passing Lamp) Test Results
4 1/2" Spot/Flood lamps
  1. Arrowhead Photo Test 35 watt HID in stock 4 1/2" Passing Lamps PDF Download
  2. Photo Test Comparison HID/Halogen 4 1/2" Passing Lamps PDF Download
4 1/2" Head Lamps
  1. Arrowhead Photo Test 35 watt HID in 4 1/2" Adjure Head Lamps PDF Download
HID ~ Lighting Knowledge Reference Material
  1. Photo illustration, How A Hi/Lo Bi-Xenon Bulb Works, & Measurements of Ballast & Bulb PDF Download
  2. Color Key, Cable Lengths, Cable Description PDF Download
  3. What Others Will Not Tell You about Motorcycle & Harley HID Lighting PDF Download
  4. About HID Lighting, Facts, How it Works, Color & HID/Lighting Terms PDF Download
  5. How To: Aim your Headlight, Know your Connections (H-4 Harness Plug), Wire a Relay, &  Know if your HID Hi/Lo H-4 is Working  PDF Download
  6. Related Documentation PDF Download
Installation Guide
  1. Road King®/Nacelle Applications Installation PDF Download
  2. Road Glide® Installation PDF Download
  3. Electra Glide® Installation PDF Download
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Starter Motors & Accessories

Rear Suspension
      1. FL 1980 Thru 2001 Rear Fork Upgrade
      2. Installation of Swingarm PDF Download
      3. Converting 2000~2001 Rear Hub to a
        2002 & Later
        1" axle: Don’t Do It! PDF Download
      4. Patent Harley’s 3rd link PDF Download
Rear Shock Absorbers

Great Shock Pre-Purchase Considerations PDF Download
      1. Ohlins Shock Absorbers
        1. Ohlins Shock Order Form  PDF Download
      2. Penske Touring Family Shock Absorbers 
        1. Penske Shock Order Form  PDF Download
        2. Penske Touring Family Installation  PDF Download
        3. Penske Manual  PDF Download
        4. Penske ModelsOptions, Features, Adjustments, Specifications and Visualization (What Is Inside)
      3. What To Expect From Our Company & Penske